Monday, February 29, 2016

Director Adam McKay Blasts Big Banks

Take em to the cleaners Shows on Me!
 “If you don’t want big money to control government, don’t vote for candidates that take money from big banks, oil, or weirdo billionaires,” director Adam McKay said Sunday night as he accepted the award, blasting the big banks that echoed the tone of the movie.

Prepare yourself JackWagons everybody is Fed Up! with your song and dance and connection with the white shoe boys' of Wall Street.  The American people and around the world the public got screwed by the big banks who were having a big old party, where a few outsiders saw what no one else could, no one was paying attention.  Fraud has never ever worked, eventual things go south, when the hell did we forget all of that?

"I'm sure the world banks have more incentives than greed, you're wrong."

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Adam McKay Acceptance Speech

After winning Best Adapted Screenplay, Adam McKay tells voters to be vigilant. The film was based on Michael Lewis’s 2010 best-selling book, The Big Short.



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