Friday, February 19, 2016

How to Tackel Corporate Governance

In this clip, the caped crusaders as Superman and Batman debate how a movie title should begin in a blockbuster duo. We can use this example in today's social climate of corruption.  I mean even JPMorgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon have been holding meetings with other business leaders to discuss possible improvements in corporate governance as to corporate social responsibility, really?  For the only thing that would ever matter, “realists” argued, was the return on investment, regardless of the cost to people, the planet, or economies.  Well with this type of mentality we have three U.S. based oil and gas companies defaulted this week, lifting the global tally for 2016 to 19, according to Standard & Poor’s.  Yes oil is low and for a good thing, fracking is not environmentally friendly nor are the tar sands.

Negative interest rates launched in Europe in 2014 now exercised in Japan represents a major turning point for central banking, this will be the greatest failure of modern central banking.  I think in 10 years the banks will not be around for the simple fact of mismanagement.  Five ICBC (Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, China's largest bank) directors arrested after Madrid raids, investigation involves allegations of money laundering could damage reputation of the China banks, ya think?  On another proud ship,  HSBC agreed in June last year to pay Geneva authorities $43 million to settle a money laundering investigation at its Swiss private bank.  These Muppets will never quit!

So people are tired of the doom and gloom on many fronts in society today but what's the fix?  Well 1400 CEOs were interviewed and their worst nightmare is social media, the public has become the Punisher.  So what these boneheads did to the planet and creating war around the world causing millions to be displaced from home, the tide is slowly turning and we have no remorse for the poor dears as they did to society.  In this clip will let Superman be the elites and Batman will be the common Joe.

Superman: "Okay, Mandarin let's see if you can make me blink!"

 How It Should Have Ended

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