Tuesday, June 2, 2015


The judicial system in the US is out of whack and the world over, with that too many high-end officials seem to escape law and order.  The trashing of the constitution is the big one next to the ill respect of nuclear waste and continuing fracking that is polluting drinking water.  What the hell is causing all of this and the list continues beyond the three I mentioned here, far beyond.  As time goes by we see resistance to all of this and some screws get turned for the natives of society are restless.  So from all the wrong doings just for the sake of money little justice is applied but it's so obvious at times because of public outcry, we get our day in court or at least an investigation.  When this happens the Jack Wagons will be posted here as who's the Jagoff now, these people have taken advantage of the system with no regard to the planet or life but as to self, this don't fly long and we'll see ya here.

"I guess many felt it would be a cold day in Hell before justice was served"

Cubs Win! "Try not to Suck"



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    Like Meet Fred Blake https://youtu.be/EU6OPorv0Oc

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