Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Westminster VIP Pedophile Ring

So the lords (small L, small winky) of London have been caught vacationing at orphanages abusing children.  That's just one of the stories, many here on this subject for decades of abuse.  What sick individual does this? and they are in high society, well what better place to be? pay off everyone around you and you have your way with whatever or whoever until someone drops your pants, whoops I'm sorry a dime.

Get a frickin rope, can you imagine the isolation of such children to perform for this VIP ring?  This is the most disgusting behavior of any human and how could the country of Britain turn a blind eye for decades of abuse is just appalling. Between the US and Britain, society has come undone, neither of these two governments is liked by it's people, period.  Man, we got some housekeeping to do and the phrase Jagoff for theses marvelous gentlemen is as blatant as the judge who turned his back on many cases of abuse, guess he was also vacationing at the orphanage.

The first post, we have a winner, Who's The Jagoff Now?

Story in theguardian  and wherever you'll read Westminster VIP pedophile ring.    

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