Saturday, April 2, 2016

Launch The Killer Drone

Intruder Alert!
A whole new meaning in home security, 'The Killer Drone'.  Well, it takes some Crazy Finnish farmers to build an epic drone with a remote controlled chainsaw. You read that right, these guys have built the ultimate predator that will give the dog a vacation when it comes to home surveillance and security.  This has the same effect as the sound of a clambering round in a pump shotgun, no home intruder want's to hear!  But at this point, the intruder doesn't make it to the house for if he or she isn't running, they died of shock.  Can you imagine this drone is coming for you?  No, you can't, this is the Texas Chainsaw Massacre on remote!  



Texas Chainsaw 

Just in case that Finnish creation didn't scare ya, one thing for certain, they all sound the same.



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