Sunday, July 3, 2016

Sheldon Silver Sentenced to 12-years

The longtime former Lower Manhattan Democrat Sheldon Silver was one of New York’s most powerful politicians for the past two decades and represented Lower Manhattan’s 65th Assembly District for 40 years.  Sheldon was convicted of taking $5 million in kickbacks through two schemes, one involving asbestos patients’ lawsuits, the other real estate development.

“Today, the era of Sheldon Silver is over,” District Leader Paul Newell said. While this is a sad day for Lower Manhattan and a sad day for New York, it also presents an opportunity for change.  Now the real work of ending Albany’s culture of corruption can begin.  Our goal should be not to purge a few bad actors, but to end it for good."

In this clip below, kindly have a review of the comment made beginning @ time stamp 1:52.



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