Friday, June 10, 2016

Alabama House Speaker Mike Hubbard Guilty

Are things going to get better or worse? well, it depends on which side of the fence you're on.  Hubbard’s conviction means he immediately lost his position as House Speaker and his House seat.  The jury found him guilty on 12 of 23 counts in the ethics trial, each count can get you a 20 years sentence.

“We hope this verdict tonight restores some of the confidence in the people of the state of Alabama that public officials at all levels in the state of Alabama will be held accountable for their actions, especially those that would betray the public trust,” said W. Van Davis, the acting attorney general in the case.  The prosecution team took much flack from the government and could not share the case for 3 years with a gag order in place.

Hubbard, 54, was convicted after a jury spent seven hours deliberating whether he used his public position for personal gain. Hubbard faces up to 20 years in prison for each ethics count.  Sentencing is set for July 8. Hubbard was immediately taken into custody and placed in the Lee County jail.  His bond was set at a total of $160,000.  The conviction came after a 12-day trial in which Hubbard took the stand for three days in his own defense.

Wow, this is history and nearing the 4th of July, I'll bet the people of Alabama are proud of  W. Van Davis acting attorney general, hell I'm proud of Alabama. Think I'll make summer travel plans down there just to be around true Americans' and enjoy some Southern Fried Catfish served with hushpuppies, coleslaw and Peach Cobbler for dessert equals perfection.

Love the South, very Honorable.

"This is a good day for the rule of law in our state," Attorney General Luther Strange announced after the verdict. "This kind of result would never have been achieved had our office not put together the finest public corruption unit in the country.  I'm very proud of their work.  This should send a clear message that in Alabama we hold public officials accountable for their actions."

This case was long, good coverage by WIAT


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