Monday, March 27, 2017

Former Los Angeles County Sheriff Lee Baca - Guilty

Assistant U.S. Attorney Lizabeth Rhodes said, "that corruption in the nation’s largest jail system started from the top and went all the way down.” After two full days of jury deliberations, a unanimous verdict was handed down against Lee Baca on March 15, 2017, finding him guilty on all counts of assisting in the obstruction of a 2011 FBI investigation into LA County jail guards brutally beating inmates, taking bribes and lying to federal agents about it.

Baca said he was "humbled and filled with remorse" for his mistakes as sheriff, saying that law enforcement was his life's work. "I know that I failed. I did not lead," Baca said.

From Rddit: MaxExcelsior 3 years ago "The Los Angeles County Sheriffs Department (LASD) is a quality organization with mostly dedicated and professional cops and non-sworn employees in it.  It is, unfortunately, plagued by massive internal political struggles, cronyism, and problems brought about by having a chief executive who has no choice but to play politics if he wants to get elected and keep his job.  This produces the worst kind of police executive--one who is a political animal first, a campaign fund-raiser second, a celebrity third, and somewhere farther down the list he is a cop." "The ego and celebrity of the current LA Sheriff, Lee Baca, is literally worn on his sleeve, or more accurately his collar.  Most police chief executives wear one to four stars as their rank insignia. (there is no industry standard for this) Baca is the only one I've ever seen who wears five." (end Reddit)

I guess General Lee rode his own horse to the top!  Kindly remove the stars from memory Lee and replace them with a single snowflake.  What's always sad and a disgrace is obstruction of justice tarnishes the uniform, of men living inside it going against the grain and then it rains.  Frickin karma man, tough shit!  This type of lawlessness burns the public's faith in government institutions but we've approached a breaking point, next!

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