Tuesday, February 7, 2017


Don't worry, we checked the rad count, it's low.  Suzy anyone?

From my work, it always leads to this, money and save the economy (data) that represents it and if there is a danger that can upset this money machine, keep it quiet!  If we do not understand 'The Balance' in which life holds on this planet, we're done!

This photo is a prime example of our harvesting efforts until it will be no more. Not only that but the radiation in our environment has doubled.  Background radiation was 5 to 20 CPM (counts per minute) today levels around the world have doubled ranging from 30 to 50 CPM.  Negative ions must be introduced in our diets in order to survive for all living things, even plants. Clays, (adsorb radiation reducing half-life of an isotope) Magnesium (wicks away radiation from a plant) and Backing Soda which will help reduce acidic levels left behind caused by radiation for Backing Soda has a pH level of 8.3

That meat on the table is Tuna, they migrate from Cal to Japan and back again, the one-way trip is 8816 miles.  Fukushima is a worldwide disaster, this Tuna on the table is not healthy for consumption but we are still proud of the catch.  We certainly don't want to disrupt our economy at any cost, Suzy anyone?  Frickin disgusting.  What's troubling is what we've become on many levels and creating tools for the fix I get some blowback.  Does that bother me?  No sir, because it tells me I'm on the right track and they can kindly Frick Off because the Sardines are gone, next species?

This Pic above should be archived for a museum piece, not just representing the Tuna but our arrogance of self-indulgence.  The Holy Gail for the humans was never needed to be found, the ancient natives always knew of this by simply giving respect to the planet and all life shared here.  The Holy Grail is understanding all matter, 'The Balance'.  Too many of us have left this behind which is causing the darkness on the planet.

Time now for The Spin Doctor

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