Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Donald Trump Moments | ThugLife Edition

I've written on many occasions that America needs a Crew Chief, not some bought and/or sold manikin with special interest of self.  This presidential election made history with a theme explaining 'Try Not to Suck'! The Donald is no cupcake and special interest groups are hitting a brick wall and scrambling to pick up the pieces of an election in which the ruling elites' tried to destroy. What happened was a bridge too far that didn't include humanity and the world had enough. Throughout Donald's campaign, there was always reference to how policy leading America was a disaster.  Well, in this clip we see how one needs to go about business and how to destroy the disaster.  America did not need another cupcake to run the country, so with that introducing America's 45th President, The Donald.

Truth PoliticsTV


Now for Something I Hope you Really Like 

Seems that Fox News is siding with humanity (The Truth) where other MSM is going to be left on a wagon trail heading south. Fox claim today in a heightened environment of politics: Your #1 News Aggregator For Top Speeches And News Clips! With a hint of satire. (been paying attention to the public Fox)

Fox News


From Uncle Donald
Merry Christmas

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